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Korea Student Kills Mother – Keeps Hidden for Eight Months

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

By Kim Rahn – Korea Times

A high school student is suspected of having killed his mother and keeping the body hidden for eight months at their home after being pressured by her to get higher exam scores.

Gwangjin Police in eastern Seoul said Thursday they have requested an arrest warrant for the 18-year-old high school senior, identified as Ji, on suspicions of murdering his mother, 51-year-old Park.

Ji is suspected of having stabbed his mother to death at their home in eastern Seoul at around 11 a.m. on March 13. The body was kept in her room for eight months.

According to police, Park kept telling her son that he must enter a top-class university and should rank first in nationwide exams. When he obtained lower scores than her expectations, she didn’t give him food or forced him to stay awake at night to study.

Being afraid of her scolding, Ji had fabricated grade reports since middle school. His fear grew as his test scores fell after entering high school.

“The student said his mother was supposed to visit his teacher, and he was afraid she might find out that he fabricated his nationwide test grade to 62nd from 4,000th and inflict severe corporal punishment on him,” a police officer said, adding 4,000th was still within the top 1 percent of all students.

On the day before the crime, the mother, not satisfied with the grade of 62nd, told him he should do better, made him do push-ups, and beat him with a baseball bat and a golf club for about 10 hours, Ji said.

Ji lived with his mother after his father left home five years ago. But his friends said that he hadn’t shown any discontent or anger to his mother, adding he was cheerful. He invited some friends to his home to eat ramen together even after the crime.

When relatives or neighbors asked about his mother’s whereabouts after the murder, Ji told them that she had left home, too. The student sealed the door of the room, where the body was kept, with glue and tape so the odor of the decaying body would not leak outside.

The crime was detected when his father dropped in at the home. Becoming suspicious when the son tried to prevent him from entering, and noticing the door was sealed, the father called the police and the murder was revealed.

“During interrogation, he cried and confessed to the killing, saying the mother kept appearing in his dreams after the crime,” the officer said.

Random Dan- Another story here in Korea that shows just how high the stress level is when it comes to testing and college.  These kids are overworked and over stressed.  


Norway Terrorist Manifesto: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

July 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Interested in reading the manifesto from that sick Norwegian extremist who killed all those kids?

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

Another reason why extremists of ALL kinds are detriments to society.  If you’re views are so extreme that you believe killing an innocent person is ‘necessary,’ do us all a favor and kill yourself before you leave the house.

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Gyopos Busted: Weed Grow House in Seoul

July 22, 2011 2 comments

Here is an article on the drug bust directly from a Korean news source with some more information (my thoughts after):

From the Korea Times 
By Kim Rahn

Police arrested two college students Thursday for growing cannabis at home to sell to foreign students and use themselves.

The students, including 23-year-old Seo, allegedly grew cannabis at their houses since July last year after bringing in seeds from the United States.

Studying in a Seoul university, they sold about 300 grams of marijuana (cannabis) to foreign students and Korean-Americans until recently. They earned 45 million won ($42,600), selling 1 gram of marijuana for 150,000 won, and the “customers” smoked the drug even on campus, according to police.

They learned how to cultivate cannabis through the Internet and had facilities at their homes such as cultivation trays, heaters, lighting, ventilating fans, fertilizer and nutrients.

Police booked 23 people without physical detention on suspicions of purchasing and smoking marijuana from them.

Police also arrested a 26-year-old woman, surnamed Jeong, for selling drugs here after smuggling them here via international post.

Jeong is suspected of having smuggled 7 grams of methamphetamine and 244 grams of marijuana from a dealer in the U.S. since January by hiding them in children’s clay products. She sold the drugs to foreign students here.

“It seems people from countries where marijuana smoking is relatively common compared to Korea commit drug-related crimes without a sense of guilt. People can learn marijuana cultivation methods easily from the Internet, and we need measures to prevent it,” a police officer said.


Random Dan-Whenever a foreigner is busted in Korea, it seems to make headline news.  There could be many reasons for this.  Maybe it’s xenophobia, maybe it’s to scare people about foreigners, maybe it’s to make Koreans feel better about themselves as the superior race…who knows.  But having weed in Korea seems to be a bigger deal than say rape and murder.

This weed bust would have looked a lot worse for us foreigners if the guys busted were not Asian.  Luckily, they were gyopos (any people of ethnic Korean ancestry who live outside Korea).

Either way, getting involved with any kind of drug in Korea is dumb as hell.  It’s not worth the risk and penalties.

The sad thing is, I think weed is exactly what this country needs.  The excessive alcohol abuse/binging is like nothing I’ve seen.  Koreans are overworked, undersexed, and depression (high rates of suicide) seems like a common trait here.  These Korean traits are something I will write about soon.

I’m interested to see the charge these two guys get for the drug bust.  Hopefully it will be in the news.

*On a side note I posted some stuff I did when Arnold got busted cheating on his wife.  There’s a lot of data to go through and need some time to get it all together but I put the summary of the whole thing I did here.*

(Korean girl smoking weed)


Obama smoked, and yes, he inhaled.

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