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Check out my weekly Top5 Internet Finds on

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Check out my weekly Top5 Internet Finds on

Every Monday I post my favorite things I came across during the previous week.  This is the current Top5.

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Cheonan World Dance Festival 2013

October 11, 2013 1 comment

I had the pleasure…nay, the HONOR of attending the Cheonan World Dance Festival this year.

Cheonan World Dance ...

The Cheonan World Dance Festival “celebrates the traditional dances, songs and costumes of Korea” as well as many other countries around the world.  This was BY FAR the best world dance festival I have even been to in Korea this year!!!

I was very fortunate because I now live in Cheonan. The city of Cheonan has been called “the core city of the nation” as it is the gateway to all the main transportation hubs of Korea. Most expats that live in Korea prefer to live in a bigger/more vibrant city (like Seoul or Busan) but for me, I chose job over location.  Which is why I live here.

My first experience with this year’s festival was with the STREET PARADE.


I can’t even count how many different floats and groups were represented in the parade.  I didn’t try to keep count, so that might be the reason.  The street parade went on for 2.2km.  It wasn’t just a parade.  It was a competition!  That means that they compete.  To win.  The winning parade team would earn six million won (about $6,000).


I was amazed!  I mean, look at ’em.  The photo above is where the groups would stop and do a 30 second performance.  This was how they were judged for the contest.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the different countries that came and represented their cultures and displayed their perceived stereotype for the Korean citizens of Cheonan!  It was a great show!

ImageThe picture above was my favorite country (other than Korea of course) of the parade.  It’s Malaysia.  I really like the sounds of the instruments they use.  But what I liked most was that they SMILED.  Like, SMILED A LOT!  And these were definitely not fake smiles.  Just seemed natural to them.  Like their resting faces resembled a smile.  Very infectious.


This was a cool float.  It almost looked like a moving history documentary.  Or a moving postcard.  A time machine on wheels.  Inside looks like Korea did just a few years ago.  Today, they have transportation with wheels that can move these floats.

Cheonan World Dance Festival (천안 흥타령춤축제)

I have to say that I loved the parade the most.  Probably because I was able to walk around and get close and interact with the performers/dancers.  Everyone seemed to have a really great time!

There was a great fireworks show at the end of the night.  Unfortunately I am a terrible photographer and none of the firework pictures turned out well.  But they were HUGE and could be seen and heard from all around the city of Cheonan.

I can’t wait til the 2014 Cheonan World Dance Festival!  I wonder what year it will come here!

*I was paid to write about this festival.  Not sure by who or what the reason was but I was paid.*

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