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2’sDayHoopsDay: Dennis Rodman Birthday, 50

I’m a fan of Rodman, even though he has done a lot of dumb shit in the past.  There have never been many players in the NBA that wanted to play the way he did.  He was arguably the greatest rebounder in the history of the NBA and an awesome defender.

Not only was he great at these two important areas of basketball, he was also very proud and passionate about them.  Not many players nowadays in the NBA take pride in their defensive abilities.  Players are too busy worried about scoring and looking good for the cameras.  A player like Rodman can be put into any lineup of any team and would dramatically improve that team’s defense.

Like the saying goes: “work hard, play hard.”  Now that he’s retired and been selected for the NBA Hall of Fame, it seems all that’s left for Rodman is to party.

Dennis Rodman had another crazy ass birthday party.

Dennis Rodman at XS.

Not a surprise.  But can you believe he’s 50 years old?!  Wow, time seems to be flying by.  Even more surprising is the fact that he has lived to 50!  Some people must have some kind of DNA where they can party like animals on a daily basis and it doesn’t effect them.

We can only hope that is the case for us (the health, not the faces).

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