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Arnold Schwarzenegger is My Baby Daddy: Social Experiment

In honor of it being reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger does not want to pay any kind of alimony to his wife, Maria Shriver, I figured I should try to collect all the data from a little social experiment I did a while back when it hit the news waves that Arnold had been cheating on his wife with his housekeeper:

**Some links, messages, and other Arnold stuff will be updated soon

When I first heard that the Terminator was separating from wife Maria Shriver I wasn’t really surprised.  I’ve seen plenty of old Youtube videos and heard lots of rumors in the past of him doing what any other millionaire, Mr. Bodybuilder, superstar would do: Have sex with lots of women.

I figured the separation was due to his womanizing or something along those lines.

I was surprised how quickly word got out about it.  When I heard he was cheating on Shriver with someone I wondered what every other person (man) wondered: What’d that girl look like?

I was sitting at home on my laptop with CNN on TV in the background when they posted ‘breaking news’ information and images of Arnold’s woman friend (accompanied by what looks like little Arnold with down syndrome).  Damn, was I disappointed.  She is not a looker.  I think Arnold and Bill Clinton were in a competition for ugliest woman to cheat on while in office.

What got my attention was how CNN mentioned they got the woman’s information and photos off of Myspace.  Right then I realized that many, many people would be searching her all over the internet.  I did what any other bored, crazy mf’er would do: I made a Facebook account using the housekeeper’s name and photo I found off of Google.

Why?  There’s no real reason I guess.  Maybe I wanted to see how fast media/internet worked.  Maybe, I wanted to see what happens when someone with no name can suddenly be a household name.  But when it comes down to it, I think I just wanted to see if people would actually believe I was that person, just because you see a name with a photo on Facebook.

I made the account and put everything on private (so only accepted friends can see the account information).  I did this about 7pm on a Wednesday.

By noon Thursday the account had over 400 friend request and 70 private messages!  Unbelievable.  At 1am Thursday night/Friday morning there was over 550 friend requests and about 90 messages.  After thinking about it, I’m surprised it wasn’t more with the way media, rumor, and gossip works around the world.

At that time, I hadn’t accepted ANY friend requests.  I figured then it would without a doubt give the whole charade away.

The greatest thing about this whole little social experiment has been THE MESSAGES.  They range from “I’m praying for you and your family” to “you are a whore”…stuff like that.  I am dedicating a page just for the messages I received.  You can read them here.**

What was most shocking was the fact that I was messaged by the booking manager for the Piers Morgan Tonight show.  This is the show/host that replaced Larry King! ha!  They wanted to do an exclusive interview! I had an ongoing conversation with that person.**

I’ve also received messaged from other media outlets.**

The woman from this local California TV station was really anxious to get the first interview. **

I also received multiple messages from some crazy ass dude.**

This was an entertaining and interesting experiment.  It’s really shown the power of media and social networking.  It’s also shown me the dark side of that power.  Anyone with a computer can suddenly intrude into one’s life in the blink of an eye.

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