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What Would Nancy Grace Do?

Casey Anthony was this month’s talk of the town.  I think almost everyone knows that she was acquitted of all the major charges in her case.  If she was found guilty, it would have been life in prison or possibly the death penalty.

Here in Korea, she might not have even been arrested.  I’m joking…I think.

Check out this Korean law:  “individuals who commit crimes after losing control due to psychological diseases, feeble-mindedness, abnormal psychological states and mental impairment due to addiction to alcohol and drugs are protected under Article 10.”

Jesus, that’s like 90% of the people here.  Maybe similar or higher numbers in USA.

Check out some other crimes and  punishments:


  • Man kills daughter.  8 years


  • 57 year old rapes girl, destroys body.  12 years.
  • 25 year old lures 12 year old back to home.  30 months.
  • Woman beats stepson to death with baseball bat. 18 months.
It seems like there’s like one story a week that has to do with sexual assault or some kind of crime where the punishment doesn’t match the crime.

But, I know how to solve this problem:  Deport Nancy Grace to Korea.

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