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Facebook v. Google +

Google Plus: the next big thing?  Millions have signed up with Google’s new social networking site.  I got my invite via a friend on ‘Facebook.’..oh the sweet irony.

I went through and checked out GP but it’s hard to really get an idea of what the advantages/disadvantages are without having a bunch of people on there.  I’m a visual learner, ya dig?

I have noticed many people posting on Facebook, ready to make the switch due to Facebook’s consistent privacy infringements, as well as other fine tunings it has done like setting changes on profiles and chats.  I think it’s funny that people would leave Facebook for Google because of privacy.  I mean, this is GOOGLE we’re talking about.  Like, the largest collector of information (of all kind) in the world.  You really feel safer with Google?  It’s like Coke and Pepsi.

That said, I do have the feeling that many people want to make the switch for a reason different than those listed.  In their minds  “Facebook isn’t hip anymore.”  It’s cool to be hating on Facebook nowadays.  

I don’t know another product that people hate so much (while at the same time expressing that hatred by using the same product they hate).  But, you know hipsters…

…once everyone likes something, it can’t possibly be cool.  So, they’ll move on to Google Plus and the cycle continues (see MySpace —> Facebook).

Either way, if Google Plus’ product is better than Facebook, I will eventually make the change (like I did MySpace to Facebook).  I’m never in the front when it comes to technology.  Shit’s too hard to keep up with.  I’ll let my more adept friends get into it and I’ll trust their opinions.

But for now, Facebook fits all my possible needs (that I know of) for social networking.

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