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Religious Hero

Austrian atheist Niko Alm gets my religious hero of the day award.  An excerpt from an article from the International Business Times:

“Wearing a pasta strainer on his head, Niko Alm sought to test an Austrian law that claims head coverings are only allowed in official documents for religious reasons.The self-proclaimed atheist applied for a new driver’s license wearing the strainer as “religious headgear,” claiming to be a “pastafarian.””

What he has done here is not only make a mockery of the current laws in Austria but really opened a discussion about religion as a whole.  Some may say the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a real religion, but how can anyone know that?

Who can say which religion is the right one?  How can you say something is spiritual or not?  Is your religion better because more people believe it?  Or because it wasn’t written a few thousand years ago (by men who if they were living today would probably shit their pants (wait those people didn’t have pants) at the scientific advancement and knowledge of this world and others)?

Niko Alm has just opened a slippery slope to the interpretation of religion by the Austrian government.  This should get very interesting!  Knowing the creativity and passion of people, there will be more and more stories like this coming out of Austria (with even better photos on their ID’s).

But really, this is just ANOTHER reason why we need to keep the separation of church and state.  Do what you want in the privacy of your own home (and church) but don’t push your beliefs, rituals, and values onto your fellow people because it is what you believe.

If you can’t appreciate this, just kill yourself.  Where you’re going is much better anyway, right?

You can read the entire Austria ID article here.

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