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Why the Terrorists Hate Us

Sometimes people ask “why do the terrorists hate us?”  Is it because of our support for Israel?  Or maybe our drone bombings that cause a civilian casualty here and there?  No.  That may be what you have been led to believe…but the real reason the terrorists hate us is MTV, girls in scantily clad beach attire…

…Las Vegas, buffet lines, and the fact that we are able to give equal rights to women (more than they deserve if you ask me).  I’m joking (mostly).

Indeed, these aren’t the only reasons.  Us westerners do a lot of consuming.  WAY more than others in the world.

Not only do we have so much more than most people – we probably complain more than anybody else.  This website called ‘WhiteWhine’ is a great example:

Some Reasons Why The Terrorists Hate Us

Try to imagine a poor guy, riding his donkey to find water and having some of these ‘problems’ and ‘complaints’ read to him.  Good stuff.

But I’m not complaining either way.  Let’s face it, no matter what we do, terrorists will hate us.  If USA drops all support for Israel, if all USA citizens, military, etc. leave the holy lands of the Middle East, these people will still find shitty reasons to hate us.  I made sure to not include any images of the prophet in this post.

*I’d like to add extremists of ANY kind are a detriment to society.  This goes for all religious zealots, extreme health nuts, extreme sports fans, extreme followers of political parties, etc.  Moderation please.

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